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A Not for Profit organisation bringing ocean education to Hong Kong through safe and enjoyable ocean experiences, training courses and ocean activities.

Welcome to Ocean Literacy International Hong Kong, a new(ish) Non Profit Organisation (NPO or NGO if you prefer) dedicated to making lives better through connection with the ocean.

We help people who live in or just visit Hong Kong to connect with our ocean environment, become more active, learn about the ocean and the zone between ocean and land and have fun.

Hong Kong has over 1,000 kms of coastline and over 260 islands. 

That means we are a coastal territory where we have no choice but to interact with the ocean everyday. It directly effects our climate, thousands of people everyday commute by ferry to work or school or to play. 

We started out through sea kayaking, basically showing people how to safely learn the ‘craft’ of kayaking in the ocean.

This progressed into creating an exremely active sea kayak club, one with over 1600 members and having held more than 430 sea kayaking events in the past 5 years.

Now we have taken on a more meaning position, emphasising stewardship of the ocean on which we all depend. Our role is to provide ocean education through academic learning opportunities, combined with direct interactions with the ocean. These  experiences will be fun, safe and educational and sometimes adventurous, but always to make peoples lives better.

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Amazing ocean experiences for You.


Hong Kong, now like the rest of the world, needs to make a real effort to protect our ocean.

It is no longer acceptable to use the ocean as a natural garbage disposal service.

This means systemic changes that can only be brought about by an educated population.

Our events and courses are designed to provde educational opportunities  in science, recreation and conservations.