About Us

As the impacts of global warming are starting to occur, it seems to us that preparation is becoming important. 

Our planet’s surface is 71% ocean. It should be called Planet Ocean, not Planet Earth! And it appears that the ocean is actually the elephant in the room when it comes to climate change. After all, it is the most important climate moderator we have.

Our belief is, if you understand something, then you will care for it. If you care for something you will protect it. By protecting the ocean we are protecting people, making their lives better. A positive feedback loop where everyone wins.

Hong Kong is surrounded by ocean. Here, tens of thousands of people commute by car, bus, train and ferry over the ocean everyday for work or pleasure. 

Now, because international travel has been curtailed due to the global pandemic, Hong Kongers are discovering their own land has amazing sea scapes, exotic islands and great ocean activities to try and enjoy.

Without understanding and knowledge, this can lead to potential catastrophy, for the environment and for the people trying out these new ocean activities and hobbies.

Ocean Literacy International Hong Kong Limited is a legal hong Kong NPO (NGO) set up to provide support for people in Hong Kong to help them enjoy the ocean safely and sustainably.

Our directors and administrators are all sea farers, locals and long time residents of Hong Kong (or born here), and we all have one thing in common – a deep love of the ocean and  a desire to protect it. 

We believe that education is the best way to sustain a healthy ocean environment. A healthy ocean environment means a healthy living environment for humans, land animals,birds and other critters. It is also great for everything that lives in the sea too!

So we are bringing ocean education into ocean recreation and ocean conservation.

We are working with tour operators, water sports centres and trainers, other NGO’s and UNESCO to promote the United Nations concept of sustainability and promote the Decade of the Ocean.

Come and join us! The water is fine (but not everywhere).

what's important to us


Our mission is to educate young people, adults, corporations, and travelers about the impact we as a society and species have on the oceans and how the oceans affect our daily lives. 

We do this through great experiences – learning by doing, seeing, feeling, and interacting with the ocean that we care for.

We also conduct training courses and citizen science projects and work with our recognised training organisations to provide the most up-to-date ocean education opportunities for all ages.

We use sea kayaks and SUP’s to provide the platform for these experiences.


Our vision is a world where people can enjoy being in and around oceans that are clean and healthy. Where there is bounty and beauty for all living things.

Where we understand and respect how much we are dependent on the ocean and know that it is only through our behavious and actions as an individual, a state and a nation, ensure that the next generations will have a future on this amazing waterborn planet.

That, through our efforts, we will have made a difference here in Hong Kong to bring about a sustainable ocean and to bring the ocean into the lives and consciousness of the people who live or visit here.



Our focus is on direct interaction with the ocean, bringing people awareness that they may never have had.

Our philosophy is to make learning about the ocean fun, sometimes exciting, but always educational and safe.

We work with various organisations in Hong Kong to give our participants the most direct experience possible about learning the ocean’s science, mysteries, AND secrets.

Our values are directly linked to our objectives.

Our objectives

The objects for which the company is established are:-
(1) To share good practices in ocean literacy and develop joint ocean literacy initiatives.

(2) To enhance awareness and citizens engagement towards the seas and oceans.
(3) To help citizens to become informed ocean advocates and actors of change for ocean protection and a more sustainable use of ocean resources.

(4) To encourage children, students and young people to take an active role in the ocean preservation through different activities at local, regional, national or international level.

(5) To promote the development of digital services and innovative tools to facilitate the dissemination of ocean-related knowledge and information to citizens and stakeholders.

(6) To develop, source and supply quality printed or digital materials to be used for the advancement of ocean literacy within communities/schools/organizations/bodies/charities within the nominated project areas.

(7) To actively promote ocean literacy for parents, peers, children and the community.

(8) To support and conduct research, education, and informational activities to increase public awareness of ocean literacy.

(9) To sponsor, host and/or participate in events and activities that promote ocean literacy in Hong Kong and throughout Asia.