recreational ocean education Courses

We offer Ocean Education certificate courses for people wishing to learn how to SUP, sit-on-top kayak, sea kayak or snorkel.

We also offer a certificate course in Ocean Safety for professionals in the ocean recreation industry. 

We deliver these through online courses linked to practical (experiential) sessions with our  recognised service providers & trainers.

Environmental Education

As an Ocean Education  specialist we provide educational programs in the marine or intertidal zones.

These are practical “hands-on” experiences learning about the ocean environment (sciences), mangrove ecosystem and coral reef ecosystem. These are 1/2 and 1 day excursions into real habitats. 

CSR Events

Corporate Social Responsibility covers a wide range of activities. In line with our objectives, we offer fun, educational, and socially responsible events to organisations wishing to empower their staff with a positive social attitude.

These events are all marine based and can be relaxing, energetic or adventurous!

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